Customize 'GET READY TO GOLF!' with your business

April 2016 was our successful launch of the 'GET READY TO GOLF! Colouring Book'

Since then, we've been growing the business and finding new exciting ways to bring the joy's of golf and colouring to your business.

Bring joy and colour to the game of golf!

The colouring book is a fun and interactive way to guide you through how to 'GET READY TO GOLF!' with your very own caddy Marty.

Kids of all ages (grown up kids included) will learn the basics of the game while colouring and being creative.

Terrific promotional opportunity while educating young golfers!

Use this opportunity to customize 

'GET READY TO GOLF!' with your logo, course information, memberships, events and much more! 

Receive a quote for your customized order in 3 easy steps!

Golf Course or Company Logo


Send company logo with the text you would like in the book:  We will edit and send a proof within 48hrs.

Quantity of books


Choose the quantity of books from: 

500,  1000,  1500,  2000

Estimated order time


Completed printed books in 7 to 14 business days.